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7 Effective Online Teaching Strategies For Best Results

Many instructors aren’t sure about the different ways of teaching online. The education sector has shifted online from a standard classroom environment due to the occurrence of Covid-19. Therefore, everything happened so quickly and nobody was able to prepare for it. But you don’t have to worry about it, be calm and learn the tactics. There are several different ways through which we can interact with scholars and convey them the knowledge and course material. Though, many instructors are worried about their teaching way. If you’re also thinking that how I am going to take my quiz and classes in this online environment, don’t worry. We are going to show you 7 effective online teaching tactics through which you can get the best possible results.

Thereafter, it doesn’t matter if you’re an old senior teacher or a new one. No one can tell which teaching tactic is the best for every student. As every student’s learning way is different, so a teacher must incorporate various teaching styles while delivering knowledge to students. Here we are going to mention 7 most effective online teaching tactics. You can use these to convey knowledge and teach your students in the right manner.

Understand the Technology

For many, online learning and this new online environment is totally new to us. So first, you have to get yourself prepared for the downfalls and never let yourself down by them. Allot some hours daily to understand the technology and different online teaching platforms. Also, be honest with your students about everything, whether if you’re able to deal with an online thing or not. In this way, maybe one of your students might know how to fix that particular issue you were facing. Thus, also if you think there’s a specific area in your studies which you can’t cover while teaching online or perhaps that let you think how will I take my quiz in this online setting, don’t worry. You can seek help from online educational services available on the internet.

Be Aware of the Technical Faults

At various moments, you may face different technical issues while conducting your online class. You might get disconnected, or perhaps you’ll face a video glitch, or the course material links you’ve given to your students may not work sometimes. These situations are common, so make yourself prepared for it by creating a backup plan. Thus, always teach your students about technological glitches and bugs. In this way, they’ll be able to understand your situation easily and they will also not blame you for it. For an instance, teach your students about what to do if they face any technical issue. Because due to that they aren’t able to submit their academic homework. Always be flexible to your students, as if someone fails to submit your given task on time due to a technical fault, give that particular student an extra day to show a kind gesture.

Engage With Your Learners

Always be in contact with your students. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a chatting platform to stay in contact with them or sending them a welcome video message. Therefore, prefer to always say hi to your students through video message because it will feel much like face to face classroom environment. If your educational institution lets you contact and interact with your scholar by video conferencing, then it is the best way to do it against simple text message or email. Thus, many platforms will allow you to edit your profile and set an avatar on your profile. This is a very fun way to let students engage in, ask your students to set avatars on their profiles too if this option is available on your teaching platform.

The understanding between your Students

An online learning environment is new for everybody, for teachers, and for scholars too. Think about it, if you as a teacher are feeling overwhelming while teaching online as you aren’t able to understand this new environment, how hard it would be for students to adopt this change. So always help your students and guide them on how they can submit their assignments on time and how you will mark their attendance and homework. For an instance, if you’re using email to deliver course material, and to contact your students, tell them how long it will take for you to reply to their mails.


Comfort Your Students to Make the Community Better

You as a teacher must have to make a comfortable environment for your students. Show enthusiasm and sympathy to your scholars and give flexibilities to them to scale back the stress, fear, and anxiety of a scholar. Always be polite with your students to make the community better and throw jokes and riddles time after time.

Ask For Feedback and Set Surveys

Ask your students if they’re facing any issue while taking your online class sessions. You can do this in a form of a survey, just tell your students to go through that survey. In this way, you will know where you have to improve yourself and what thing needs to be done in another way. As we all are new to this learning environment, we will altogether make this online learning better by doing this.

Check Your Course Material, Links, and Resources

Check your material and links that you posted online whether if they are working fine or not. In online settings, content and course materials including third-party links can sometimes change their positions as they are dynamic. If you’re giving third party websites links to let your students study more efficiently, also explain them along with the links how they can follow these links accordingly.

Subsequently, remember one more thing, many scholars sometimes fail to join your live session and lectures. So in that case, you should always provide your students with recorded lectures and sessions. Also, to keep your students engage in studies, conduct short quizzes, assessments, and online puzzle games. Therefore, always keep an eye on the ones who are struggling a bit more than other students. As every student is not the same, some scholars can study online peacefully while for some scholars, online learning is nothing but a mess. Always be a helpful teacher and be available for the ones who needed you the most.

Situation and Control

Eventually, in many situations, it may feel like it is out of your hands. Online learning is a bit typical right now for many of us, but you have to be strong and confident. You have to be the same teacher as you were before but just in a virtual online world. Your students, need you, for them, you are the same teacher as you were in the school. So don’t be overwhelmed, don’t think about how I’m going to take my quiz or online assessments, you’ll be able to do everything if you follow these tactics that I’ve mentioned above.

One more thing, to stay connected with your scholars you can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other chatting platforms too. Even aside from these tactics, there are numerous effective online teaching ways you can easily find on the internet. You just have to be patient and believe in yourself, it is indeed a difficult time for all of us.

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